Monday, 24 October 2011

Rose Desire-Belle.

Burlesque Lady

Once upon a time...

... I conversed with a friend about designing a burlesque inspired tattoo, the image you see above is the final design. 


Oh wait, I've missed out the middle of the story. Well, let me start with saying that it was an epic journey of immense proportions. Hours, days, weeks and months of hard work and determination, including blood, sweat and tears, have been put into this. I hope it shows. 

Then I say to myself, 'Stop being a Moaning Myrtle Darren. Be grateful to those who trust you to design them something they are willing to get inked into their skin for the rest of their lives.' Enough said. I thoroughly enjoyed designing this, for me it's my personal benchmark, gotta' keep pushing myself.

So... a Burlesque Lady for a lady who is undoubtedly burlesque. Visit the website of the lass I designed it for here!

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