Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Groom.

The Groom

And then there was 'The Groom'. This is the second installment for Sarah, the first being 'The Bride'. Sarah wanted me to pretty much flip the original and alter it to become a male version of the female design. I had to change the face a couple of times before we were both happy with the outcome, but apart from that it went smooth... like something really... erm, smooth?

It's been great designing tattoos for Sarah and her husband Sam, I hope they come back to me in the future. 'Back To The Future' - amazing films... going off subject a bit there, OH!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Love Is Patient.


This tattoo design is for Sam, Sam is Sarah's husband. I designed 'The Bride' for Sarah which you can see in the January section of my blog. The lettering is taken from a reading that was read at the couples wedding, and Sam wanted a colourful edge/border around it. For a while I was struggling with what this border could be (seriously, I didn't have a clue), but eventually I came up with the idea of a leaf crest border. I liked the idea of it looking regal and strong. I love the colours on this design - colour bleeding tips seem to be my thing.

Yea man, happy with that, next please!

Monday, 7 March 2011


Le Bonheur

This is Helen's tattoo (Helen, as in Ruth's sister), still healing, sore and swollen. It's my design and it was done by Lee LWB at Bodycraft in Nottingham. You can see the original design on my Facebook page, Lee has done an amazing job. He has inked the majority of my tattoos and I keep going back to him because he's proper sick. His lines are perfect. Helen is really happy with her tattoo and she mentioned possible future plans for more art on her skin... I think the addiction is seeping in.

Love seeing my designs replicated so well!