Sunday, 3 April 2011

Eye In The Sky.

All Seeing Eye

The 'All Seeing Eye', or as it's also commonly known, 'Eye Of Providence', is an image that I have been wanting to design for ages. It's such classic. As a symbol it echoes throughout history and religion, so it had to be done innit... did I just write 'innit'? I love how the Purple and Turquoise work together, I think I'll be using those colours as a team more often. This is for sale along with the 'Pirate Ship' design which featured in my first post on here.

Buy my shit (not my poo)!


  1. hi darren,
    i love ur art n wanted a logo of
    the all seeing eye, may be u would like to design for me...
    i am making some psychedelic tshirts the logo is required for the brand name.........
    Great art

  2. Hi Yogi.
    Yea that sounds great!
    Could you contact me on:
    Plus I have a page on Facebook called Crisis Tattoo, if you wanted to find me on there.
    We can talk through it in more detail.
    Darren. Crisis.