Friday, 4 February 2011

My Tools.

Okay I've got to admit, I'm very OCD, but this image below is staged in my defense. To be honest I don't normally lay out my tools in this fashion (they're just neatly packed away somewhere). I've just done it like this to show you my essentials.                         

So, from the top: the crisis folder (full of 'all sorts'), three portfolio's, apple macbook pro, ipod, ct stamp and ink pad, 2 sets of watercolours, paintbrushes and holder, pencil case (made by Ruth), 5h/hb/h pencils, uni-ball gel impact, uni-ball signo, ruler, compass, rubber, sharpener.

I cleared the table of my tools to show you two different projects unrelated to tattoos, well... it's my blog so I'll post what I please. The canvas is going to be a painting for my sister, I'm thinking some sort of study of cherry blossoms? The caricatures are for a wedding invitation, very far from completion.
                                                                        OCD rules!

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