Friday, 21 January 2011

New Year, New Blog, New Horizons.

I've finally created a blog for Crisis Tattoo. Okay, so the majority of you will be thinking 'what the hell is Crisis Tattoo?', well let me explain. I'm a guy who is obsessed with tattoos (ask my girlfriend Ruth, she'll back me up). I never stop thinking about them, and most of all, I love designing them. To be honest I love drawing and painting, but there is something about tattoo imagery that gets me wild. I have tattoos myself, but not even half as much as I design.
I started Crisis Tattoo on Facebook just after I graduated from uni and it's been sick (my current favorite word). I've had the opportunity to design tattoos for friends, family and people who have found my page on Facebook. Here is the link below, check it out and hit 'Like'.

This blog will work as an extension and continuation to my Facebook page, so if you're interested please follow both. So, without chattin' too much, here is a painting I'm selling, please get in touch if you want it:

Pirate Ship

I've nearly finished a design for Sarah, The Bride coming soon, keep your eyes peeled!

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